Supported Missions

In Search of the Lord's Way

"In Search of the Lord's Way" provides a spiritual journey through insightful teachings and reflections on the Christian faith. It delves into various aspects of biblical teachings, exploring topics like salvation, morality, and living a faithful life. Through engaging discussions, heartfelt messages, and practical guidance, the program aims to help individuals deepen their understanding of scripture and apply its principles to their daily lives.

Tipton Children's Home

Tipton Children's Home is a compassionate haven that serves as a refuge for children in need. This nurturing environment provides not only physical care but also emotional and educational support, aiming to empower young lives with a sense of belonging, healing, and a brighter future. Through dedicated caregivers, educational programs, and a strong sense of community, Tipton Children's Home offers a place where children can heal, grow, and thrive.

Truth for Today

Truth for Today stands as a guiding beacon in the realm of spiritual enlightenment. This organization offers profound insights into Christian teachings, engaging with both contemporary and age-old questions through various media platforms. Through its publications, broadcasts, and online resources, Truth for Today seeks to empower individuals with a deeper understanding of faith and equip them to navigate life's complexities with spiritual wisdom.

Bear Valley Institute International

Bear Valley Institute International stands as a global hub of theological education and training. This institute is dedicated to equipping individuals with a comprehensive understanding of biblical principles and practical ministry skills. Through its innovative curriculum, experienced faculty, and international reach, Bear Valley Institute International strives to empower future leaders and ministers, fostering their ability to effectively serve their communities and spread the teachings of Christ.